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Job Opportunity: Project Consultant

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Hazara Committee in the UK (HCUK) is looking to hire an experienced Project Consultant (PC) to develop an advocacy strategy document on Hazara women in Afghanistan.

Temporary Position: Part time ( April - 31st July)

About the project

HCUK is undertaking the activity “Advocacy Workshop to Develop Advocacy Strategy Document on Hazara Women” which relatively is short project of four months. The aim of the project is “to provide a series of workshops for the existing and new advocates on addressing issues affecting Hazara women; and coming out with a strategy document to be used as a resource and coordination tool for future activities”.

About HCUK

Hazara Committee in the UK (HCUK) is a registered non-profit organization working for the rights of Hazaras and religious minorities in Afghanistan and Pakistan. HCUK works with people on the ground to report on the actual situation of the people to the UK government, other governments, and international organizations. HCUK is committed to defend the rights of persecuted groups in those countries and are working with many other non-profit and human rights organizations nationally as well as at international levels.


The expectation from the PC is to work remotely and on-site. All the processes such as workshops participants selection, coordination, conduct of virtual workshops and desk reviews will be conducted remotely in close coordination with the project manager and the HCUK. The activities required to be conducted on-site are but not limited to; finalization of the strategy document in the consolidation workshop in Geneva, presenting the strategy document to the project team and external stakeholders and attending the lobbying meetings.

Expected Outputs

The following outputs are expected with estimated number of days per task:

1. Virtual workshops (4 days): A total number of 24 persons (20% from Afghanistan) participated and trained through involvement into different stages of advocacy strategy development through 4 workshops of 2 hours. All these workshops will be designed, coordinated and facilitated by the PC.

2. The strategy document (11 days): Alongside the workshops, the PC will document, classify and summarize the group works, trends and ideas from all workshops at every stage. The workshops will be conducted on weekly basis. While coordinating the next workshops, the consultant will keep developing the strategy document step by step together with the workshops. The document should be around 10 pages excluding visualizations and other necessary annexures. Based on findings from the workshops and other secondary data, the strategy should be drafted following the 10 steps method to develop an advocacy strategy designed by Intrac

3. Round table (3 days): The final strategy document will be presented to around 10 selected embassies, the UN agencies and relevant INGOs. The PM will work closely with a project consultant to coordinate and facilitate a 90 – 150 minutes round table to present and discuss the strategy document to the round table’s participants in Geneva.

4. Launch of strategy document (2 days): The PC will present and launch the final strategy document at a special online event to participants across the world.


- Master’s degree in human rights, law, administration, and other relevant social science fields

- At least five years of documented relevant experience in the fields of human rights, socio-economic development and at-risk population

- Documented experience of developing plans and strategies

- Experience of facilitating workshops in person and online

- Excellent experience of working in Afghanistan and with Afghan diaspora

- Excellent English language communication skills

- Fluency in Dari/Pashto language

- Ability of technical translation (English into Dari/Pashto and vise versa).

- Able to travel


Interested candidates and freelancers should submit the following items in response to these terms of reference:

- Bid form

- Supplier Profile and Registration Form

- CV(s) of potential consultant/s

- Proposed services including methodology (max 2 pages)

- Work samples of similar assignments, ideally advocacy strategies (1-3 samples)

Closing date for application: 23 April 2023, 16:00 Central European time. We expect to conduct evaluation/interviews week commencing 24th April 2023 (online).

Further information: For questions regarding the vacancy, please contact Homira Rezai, Chairwoman of HCUK;

You should attach the Bid Form + Supplier Profile (attached)

Bid Form_Project Consultant
Download DOCX • 37KB

Consultant_ Supplier profile and registration form
Download DOCX • 28KB

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