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Meet the team



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Karimi is a Chemical Engineering graduate with an MSc in Engineering Business Management from WMG Warwick University. He is now an implementation Consultant in the software industry.


Karimi believes Hazara Committee is an opportunity for the Hazaras to ensure their past and present struggles are recognised and addressed. Transforming the Hazara Committee into a distinguished organisation to represent the Hazaras and address their needs locally and nationally as well as greater collaboration with the communities across the UK are the priorities of the newly elected team.


Parasto Qalandari

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Parasto Qalandari is the secretary of Hazara Committee in UK and business owner of the clothing brand, Watan. Parasto is based in Burton and is an active representative of the Hazara community. Parasto is a graduate in B.A (HONS) FASHION from University of Derby and with a masters from University of Kingston. she started the business Watan to raise awareness and share the rich culture of Hazara fashion and history. She aspires to stand for her community to ensure they are better represented and heard.


Khadijeh Zargar

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Khadijeh Zargar has been a valued member of the NHS since 2014, currently serving as Information and Data Manager at Cambridge University Hospital. She actively contributes to local government as a Councillor for both Bar Hill Parish Council and Longstanton Parish Council. Khadijeh is currently pursuing a master’s degree in management and project management, understanding her dedication to continuous learning and professional development.

Her leadership shines through as the Chair of the Environment and Amenities Committee at Bar Hill Parish Council since 2021. Additionally, her previous role as community relations officer for HCUK from 2013 – 2014 reflects her commitment to fostering robust community connections.


Mahboob Azizi

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Mahboob Azizi, one the founding members of the Hazara Committee in UK in 2012, is our new Community Relations officer. Mr. Azizi joins the new team with previous experience as the Deputy Chair and Community Relations officer at the Hazara Committee in UK from 2012-2015.

Having been one the founding members of the Peterborough Hazara Community, Mr. Azizi continues to make his contribution to the community as an active member since then. With over 12 years of academic experience as the school principal in Afghanistan as well as his years of experience working with the Hazara communities across the UK, Mr. Azizi is a significant asset to the Hazara community and the Hazara Committee – through his role, he hopes to make a positive contribution to the well-being of our communities and our society.


Zeya Karimi

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Zeya Karimi is the treasurer of the Hazara Committee in UK. He is from Birmingham and is currently working as an Engineer in the Surface Mount Technology industry. Zeya is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Aston University with with a background in Bio-design from Queensland University of Technology based in Australia and has a Master's degree in Medical Biotechnology and Business Management from Warwick University.

In addition to his studies and running his own business, he plays an active role in Hazara diaspora communities in the UK and continues to be part of the Hazara Committee in UK success story.

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