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Meet the team

Homira 1.png

 Homira Rezai

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Dr Homira is the Chair of HCUK. She is the operations lead of a pharmaceutical company and holds a PhD in medicine. During her PhD, Homira worked on a treatment for preeclampsia and has published several peer-reviewed papers in prestigious medical journals. She has a passion for charity work and has been involved with community and charity work for over 10 years helping her community in various ways. In 2018, Homira was listed as Birmingham’s most inspirational top 30 under 30 for her research and community work.

Sahar Ali.png

Sahar Ali

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Sahar is the mental health lead & secretary. She is a fourth year medical student at Keele University and has worked on a acute adult Psychiatric ward for 5 years. She’s passionate about raising awareness about mental health conditions within the Hazara communities and in working with youth that have interests in Medicine.


Ruqeia Ahmadi

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Ruqeia is the Vice-Chair of HCUK and is currently a Trainee Solicitor at a leading national law firm. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Sheffield and a Master of Laws (LLM) in Legal Practice from BPP University. As a multilingual, she has over six years of experience offering interpreting and translating services, helping refugees, asylum seekers and women within her community. Ruqeia is also a member of the Afghan Council of Great Britain’s leadership board. Over the years, she has had an active involvement in community and voluntary work. In 2020, Ruqeia was shortlisted for the ‘One to Watch’ Award of the NPW Awards


Esmat Amean

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Esmat Amean will lead the Community relations team at HCUK. He was born in Kabul and has been living in the UK since 2002. Mr Amean has studied Journalism at Kingston University and MA in Political Communication at City University. He has been involved in the community work since 2003. He worked as Cultural Director in Leicester Community for two years. As a social activist, he has been involved in organising numerous events such as demonstrations in the UK and Europe. As a Treasurer he hopes to make HCGB financially sustainable and at least build the foundation for that path.


Zeya Karimi

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Zeya Karimi is the treasurer of the HCUK. He is from Birmingham and is currently working as an Engineer in the Surface Mount Technology industry. He recently completed his Master's degree in Medical Biotechnology and Business Management at the University of Warwick. He completed his undergraduate degree from Aston University in Birmingham with an honors degree in Mechanical and Engineering. He also studied Bio-design at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. In addition to his studies and running his own business, he plays an active role in  Hazara diaspora communities in the UK.

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