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British Hazara Awards 2022

British-Hazara Awards 2022

The first British Hazara Awards was held in Birmingham on Sunday 20th February 2022 with more than 250 community members from across the country in attendance.

The British Hazara Awards saw over 138 nominations for over 60 nominees in 9 different categories. Whittling down the nominations for each category was a big task for the 5 judges who ultimately decided who would be shortlisted for each category. Each category had two runner-ups and a winner.

Winners and Runner-ups for each category

Under 18 of the year

Runner-up: Faraz Haidar & Samim Sarvari

Winner: Maisam Shiri

Sportsperson of the year

Runner-up: Ali Jafari & Manzoor Amiri

Winner: Kaisy Khademi

Community Leader of the year

Runner-up: Omid Jafari & Fatema Haidari

Winner: Pouya Bidar

Artist of the year

Runner-up: Javed Haidari & Shukria Rezaie

Winner: Parasto Qalandari

Academic of the Year

Runner-up: Dr Arif Sahar & Asad Shafai

Winner: Dr Yahia Baiza

Student of the year

Runner-up: Mehren Alizada & Najib Sharifi

Winner: Anahita Shafai

Civil & Human rights activist

Runner-up: Zahra Rasouli & Inayar Balkhi

Winner: Luci Woodlands (Inayat Balkhi accepted the award on her behalf)

Businessperson of the year

Runner-up: Fatima Eshaq & Jamila Ali

Winner: Abuzar Attifi

Woman of the year

Runner-up: Perveen Ali & Sadaf Aziz

Winner: Khadijeh Zargar

A big congratulations to all the nominees for being nominated and to the winners for each category.


The Hazaras are an ethnic group from Afghanistan who have historically faced genocide, enslavement, land confiscation and oppression since the 1890s leading to thousands of families being misplaced and sold as slaves in surrounding regions. The current ongoing genocide against the Hazaras in Afghanistan and Pakistan has resulted in millions of Hazaras been displaced and settled in countries around the world.

The British Hazara community is growing. Majority of the British Hazara communities are firstor second-generation immigrants who have done extremely well in building a life in the UK, adapting in British society and upholding the British values. The British Hazaras are continuing to grow and make a presence across sectors including sports, healthcare, law, academia, food and drink, hospitality, construction and more. The achievement that the British Hazara community has made is commendable and must be celebrated.

The British Hazara Awards was organised to recognise trailblazers and high achieving individuals in the community. Nomination was open to the public where everyone had the chance to nominate themselves or someone else for any of the following categories:

● Under 18 of the Year

● Sportsperson of the Year

● Community Leader of the Year

● Artist of the Year

● Academic of the Year

● Student of the Year

● Civil & Human Rights Activist

● Businessperson of the Year

● Woman of the Year

Trailblazers from all sectors, backgrounds and experiences had been nominated and shortlisted for the awards. The winners were announced at the awards ceremony on Sunday 20th February 2022 in Birmingham.

HCUK would like to express its deepest gratitude to everyone who attended the ceremony and contributed to this year's British Hazara Awards. We congratulate the entire British Hazara community for the incredible work that is being carried out by its members across the country.

Special thanks to:

● the guest speakers - Dr Baiza, Mr Nazari and Ms Zargar

● the musicians - Elaha Soroor and Kefaya, Javed Haidari and Mr Halimi

● the photographers and videographers - Noori Studio, Capturebysz Sociocinema

● Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands, Anthony Browne, MP and Paul Bristow, MP for their congratulatory messages

May we continue to prosper!

For further information please get in touch via:

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