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Save At-risk & In Need Hazaras: GoFundMe Online Fundraising Campaign Report

Following Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Afghanistan has experienced not only humanitarian crisis but also economic, social, security and political crisis. Poverty has been one of the main concerns for most people across the country as they lost their jobs and income. The crisis in Afghanistan put some families in a very desperate situation where they have resorted to selling their children and their organs to survive. To help some of the people in desperate need of help in Afghanistan, Hazara Committee in the UK (HCUK) launched an online fundraising campaign and raised more than £7000. The money was sent to our team in Kabul who gathered data on vulnerable and at-risk families, verified their information and distributed the fund according to how they saw fit. The fund was distributed in three rounds.

Round 1 (emergency):

HCUK team in Kabul identified three families among the many people who were planning to sell their children. The team contacted the families and sent them monthly funds to prevent the families from selling their children and provided monthly support until they were able to find other source of income. The team investigated and assessed each family and decided on the amount that each family would receive and for how long based on their situation.

60,500 Afghani (£550) was sent to Kabul. The details of Aid distribution are as follows:

Round 2

In the second round of distribution, 500,000 Afghanis was sent to the team in Kabul and were distributed among the people who were in most desperate situation. HCUK believes in a fair and transparent manner for aid distribution. Therefore, we worked with local network to identify families who were desperate for help. As part of verification to assess the living situation of the families, our team visited the family home to inspect and verify that they are eligible to receive immediate support. During our assessment, we found individuals with the motivation and ability to work such as selling street food, vegetables, and other low-skilled jobs, and provided them with financial support to kick-start their work so, they can help their families in the long-term.


According to assessment conducted and considering the problems of each family, including lack of a breadwinner, internal migration, illness of the breadwinner, inability to work, including disabilities, and the number of households, the aid given to each family ranged from 2,000 Afghani (Approx. £20) to 10,000 Afghanis (Approx. £100).

In the round 2 of aid distribution, a total of 108 families from 37 areas in Kabul received help. The list of areas and the number of supported families from each area is specified below:

Round 3

In the third round of distribution, 272000 Afghani (£2590) was sent to the team in Kabul. Like the second round of aid distribution, the team assessed and verified each family for eligibility to receive funds. In total, 75 families were reached, and each family received between 1000 Afghanis to 5000 Afghanis according to their need ad number of family member. The list of areas and the number of supported families from each area is specified below:

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who donated and supported our campaign. Your donations have made a huge difference to someone’s live in Afghanistan. If you would like to discuss this report further or would like to know more about the aid distribution and our campaigns, please get in touch with us via

You can download the report in pdf from below:

Save At-risk & In Need Hazaras Report
Download PDF • 352KB


We would like to thank the team in Kabul specially Mr Hafiz Abram and Ms Amena and Mr Yahia Arez for volunteering to distribute this fund. Despite the security threat they faced, they conducted their work with the best morals and helped those in desperate need. Thank you team for all your hard work.

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