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As a member of Hazara Committee you will have free and discounted access to all our events. You will also receive annual updates of HCUK activities and of any future plans. The annual membership fee for HCUK is £24. Your membership will help us to support all the Hazara Communities across the UK. Join us today.

In Person

Please get in touch via email for further information. 


Over the Phone

Please contact us for further information

Tel: +447919517014

Support us

Hazara Committee is grateful for donations to help us with our philanthropic and charity project. If you are making a donation for a specific program/project or to help us with general cost, please indicate so or/and let us know​.​


HCUK are committed to helping those in need. All money donated will go to war victims in Afghanistan. Your donation may directly be given to individuals for hospital fees, education/school fees or help families with their everyday struggles.​​​


Each and every donation is truly appreciated and makes a significant difference in our efforts to help the war victims in Afghanistan. All information received from donors and volunteers is maintained in strict privacy. HCUK does not share any donor or volunteer information with any other entity or individual.​